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In 2023 we will begin our journey traveling in our No Boundaries (NoBo) 20.3, visiting interesting places and bringing attention to family-owned businesses along our travels. We really want to do what we can for family-owned businesses along our travels because of the situations beyond their control. We love small businesses!

Launching 2023!

Our website will be launching in 2023, before the launch we will do a build-up to create some excitement around the launch! In the meantime, we will be working on content ideas, content, product reviews, and more.

Northstar Nomads April and Mike

We are working behind the scenes and will be opening up more of the website soon so keep checking back!!

Northstar Nomads YouTube Channel

Purpose of our YouTube Channel:

Inform, Entertain & Document Our Travels!!

Inform by providing travel information for the areas we visit, product reviews, how to’s & featuring small businesses in the places we visit. So many family owned businesses could really benefit from additional exposure right now so hopefully we can help, even if in a small way. We want to highlight the hole in the walls and the gems that get lost in the touristy areas.

Entertain by not being scripted and just capturing more real moments, a.k.a. “keeping it real”, lol.

Document our travels for family, friends and viewers so they can follow along and be part of our travels!

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Our Blog

RV Water Filter Setup

RV Water Filter Setup

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Mobile Internet Simplified

Mobile Internet Simplified

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We will post about the places we visit and include pictures of our travels, etc. We will also provide useful information here about products and how to posts to help fellow RV’ers! We are in the process of creating content for the posts so please keep checking back!!

We will be adding a get notified option here so you can receive an email when we make a blog post!!

Launching 2023!

We will be doing a “Soft Launch” soon so keep checking back as we continue to work on adding to the wesbite.